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Teja Balayya NTR Biopic Teaser

Teja BalaKrishna NTR’s Biopic Teaser Gets a Release Date!

Teja Balakrishna NTR’s Biopic Teaser

There are three Biopics are announced in NTR’s Biography. But, Teja’s directorial on NTR’s Biography is a pure Biopic which will narrate the story from NTR’s start to end. Balakrishna approached Teja to make the biopic on NTR and Teja accepted to do this. And, he is currently busy with script making. Now, this team announced that the teaser will get the release on 18th January 2018. The movie is featuring Balakrishna as NTR and music composed by M M Keeravani and bankrolled by Balakrishna.

The remaining two biopics are controversial biopics in which one is RGV’s Lakshmi’s NTR is dealt with the life of NTR from the view of Lakshmi Parvathi. The third one is more controversial in which debutant director Kethireddy is want to narrate the life of Lakshmi Parvathi’s with her first husband Veeragrandham Subbarao and second husband NTR in ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’. This movie getting many hurdles to start and the director said that he will release the movie in January.

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