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Gruham review: The perfect horror masterpiece of South

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Siddharth Gruham Telugu Movie Review and Rating

The lover boy of Telugu cinema ‘Siddharth’ is always want to do differently by touching more genres and eagerly aspiring to prove as the next Kamal Haasan. So, He left his lover boy roles from Telugu and moved to Bollywood with few flicks and finally went to his motherland ‘Tamilnadu’ in which he found Kollywood is the only place to deliver and accept difference movies. He did some notable movies like Jigarthanda, Jil Jung Juk, and Enakkul Oruvan. Now, Siddharth touched Horror genre with his movie ‘Gruham’ which is scripted like Hollywood movies and he mentioned that it is not like horror comedy movies which we are experiencing from past few years. Siddharth has written this story along with his friend Milind Rau who is also the director of this movie and is produced by Siddharth. Let’s see how it is.

Gruham Story:

Dr. Krishna Mohan/Krish (Siddharth) is a famous brain surgeon in Himachal Pradesh and living happy family life with his beautiful wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) in their beautiful house under mountains. Their peaceful life gets disturbed when a Paul (Atul Kulkarni) family moves into the house next door. There are some paranormal incidents are happening when Paul’s daughter Jennifer (Anisha Victor) picks some belonging from outside. Jennifer is a troubled teenager who doesn’t like her stepmother but loves her stepsister Sara. Jennifer’s new house is haunted by ancient spirits with a tug-of-war between good spirits and bad spirits. Then, what happens to these two families and how are they suffered and escaped. Watch this on the big screen to get answers for these.

Gruham Synopsis:

Gruham starts with a grainy opening sequence featuring a Chinese mother and child in British occupies India of the 1930s and shifts to the present in which newlywed couple Siddharth and Andrea are leading the beautiful family life with some bold and romantic scenes. When Jennifer enters into the story then few quirks of horror genre like bad past and a haunted household. But, the movie narrates it from the point of view of men of Science like Siddharth and Suresh, a Psychologist. The characters have depth even the brief roles like the maid and the Chinese actors. It is really a technically well put together film in which the actors deliver assured performances. The film reminds you the flavors of Hollywood horror flicks like Conjuring and the horror elements in Gruham are competitive with those Hollywood flicks. Siddharth and Milind are done a fabulous job in writing and narration to deliver first class horror movie experience to the audience.

Gruham Plus Points:

Siddharth as Krish is perfectly done his role and deliver the best performance. He proved that he is not the actor to suit only for lover boy roles and made it clear that he is one of the talented actors of Indian cinema. His performance is top notch especially during the last 25 minutes and kept the movie in heights.

Andrea as Lakshmi is not only had a role like the beautiful wife. She got more importance in this movie and done her role in all scenes with mature acting and her chemistry with Siddharth is so romantic and tickles you.

Anisha Victor as Jenny has delivered mind-blowing performance as a troubling teenager and her acting in horror scenes are insanely hunting.

Senior Telugu actor Suresh did a decent role as Psychiatrist and Atul Kulkarni as Jenny’s father has done best in that role.

Director Milind Rau is very good in making romance scenes between Siddharth and Andrea and those scenes will teach you how to be in romance after marriage. His taking to narrate horror scenes are the high standard and make you goosebumps. The story he has written with Siddharth is perfect for a horror flick.
Shreyas Krishna’s camera work makes you feel that he is the master of horror films. Girishh Gopalakrishnan’s background music is competing with Hollywood movies and his way of sounding for horror scenes is fantastic and takes an audience to glue with a movie.

Gruham Minus Points:

There are no minus points we have found in this movie. But, this movie will entertain the multiplex audience rather than a mass audience. The reason is simply that there is no comedy the mass audience looks for.

Gruham Verdict:

Gruham is the perfect horror film if you want to see Hollywood films like Conjuring in Telugu. It has unique horror flavor and scares the audience in every possible scene and makes to close eyes feel the fear in you by seating at the edge of the seat. Watch it to experience a great horror experience with great performances. We recommend you do not miss this one for any reason.

Cinekushi Gruham Rating: 4/5

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