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 Rahul Gandhi -“The Karate Kid”

 Rahul Gandhi -“The Karate Kid”

Rahul Gandhi -“The Karate Kid”

Rahul Gandhi, an aspiring PM of India, hailed as The Political Kid is now showing another side of him as The Karate Kid. The star politician seems to have learned Karate and the pics of his Karate practice are now going viral online.

Going by the pics, it is clear that the pictures are not old as Rahul looks similar to his present look. This indicates that Rahul is focusing on his physical fitness.Rahul had been widely trolled for his interviews, comments, statements on various issues in various instances. Now, team Rahul is constantly working on his image-makeover.

On another hand, the Congress Vice President, who will soon take over the reign from his mother-Congress President Sonia Gandhi, is calling the shots now in the party. Apparently, Rahul played a crucial role in wooing Revanth into Congress and executed it perfectly. This is his political strategy to take on KCR who allegedly ‘cheated’ Congress after the separate statehood is announced to Telangana.

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