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Mental Madhilo Review: A Feel-Good Entertainer

Sree Vishnu Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Sree Vishnu Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review and Rating

After the success of Pelli Choopulu, producer Raj Kandukuri came up with a breezy love story ‘Mental Madhilo’ starring Sree Vishnu and Tamil actress Nivetha Pethuraj. The film succeeded to create positive buzz with the trailer. Let’s see this Mental Madhilo will repeat the success of Pelli Choopulu. Here is the review.

Mental Madhilo Story:-

Arvind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is a confused guy and always looks for multiple options. His parents are fed with Arvind’s attitude and they decided to get him married to Svecha (Nivetha Pethuraj). After this, Arvind meets Svecha in personnel and he impressed her with his innocence. Everything is going well and all are changes when Arvind leaves for Mumbai. At there, he meets another girl Renu (Amrutha) and he was impressed to her too. Then, this twist takes the happiness of these three people and then what happened? Why Arvind behave like this? To whom he marries? You have to see it on a big screen to get all answers to the above.

Mental Madhilo Plus Points:-

The main highlight of the movie is Sree Vishnu and his confusing character. He steals the show with his innocence and lovable characterization. Nivetha Pethuraj makes an impressive debut with her good screen presence and glam. She is beautiful and the chemistry between Sree Vishnu and Nivetha is a treat for eyes. Her character in the first half gives a fresh breeze to the movie. Amrutha as second lead does well in her role in the second half and impressed with her performance.

Shivaji Raja gets a meaty role and has taken the depth to the film with his performance after a long time. The scenes between Sree Vishnu and Shivaji Raja are so comic and generated interesting comedy scenes. Music composed by Prasantha Vihari is impressive in songs and background score is helped to stick the audience to the scenes. Debutant director Vivek Atreya has done a great job with his story and screenplay and the way of his narration is too good. His penned dialogues are also decent and apt for this love story. Raj Kandukuri’s production values are best in class.

Mental Madhilo Minus Points:

There are no much to complain about this movie. But, the second half has dragged in content. And, the love story between Sree Vishnu and Amrutha is not that fresh when compared with Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj.

Mental Madhilo Verdict:-

On the whole, Mental Madhilo is a fresh breezy romantic comedy with the equal quantity of emotions. Sree Vishnu’s characterization, Nivetha Pethuraj’s glam, and screen presence make you feel awesome and the love story tickles you. Surely it’s a great watch for this weekend. There is no confusion to say ‘Awesome’.

Cinekushi Mental Madhilo Rating: 3.5 / 5

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