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Balakrishnudu Review: Watch it for Comedy

Nara Rohit Balakrishnudu Telugu Movie Review

Nara Rohit Balakrishnudu Telugu Movie Review

Nara Rohit is different from all actors. His way of selecting movies created a huge fan base for him. But, now he is looking for a commercial success. So, this time Nara Rohit came up with a commercial comedy action entertainer titled ‘Balakrishnudu’. Of course, we have seen Srinu Vaitla template in this movie in the trailer. Let’s see this movie gives a commercial break for Nara Rohit or not. Here is the review.

Balakrishnudu Story:-

Balu alias Balakrishnudu (Nara Rohit) is a careless guy who is always chilling with his friends. Prathap Reddy (Ajay) has the rivalry with Bhanumathi Devi (Ramya Krishna) and her brother. Prathap Reddy is arrested on the murder charges on Bhanumati Devi’s brother and he also wants to kill his daughter Aadhya (Regina) who is also a niece of Bhanumati Devi. Bhanumathi gives promise to his brother to save Aadhya. To protect Aadhya, Bhanumathi appoints Balu as a protector for Aadhya. But, Aadhya doesn’t know that Balu is her bodyguard. In this meantime, Balu and Aadhya are falling in love. How Balu saved the life of Aadhya? What happened to their love story? What the story behind to kill Aadhya? You should have to watch it on a screen to get answers for these.

Balakrishnudu Synopsis:

The movie is a pakka commercial and runs in a Sreenu Vaitla type of narration with a faction backdrop. It’s a complete makeover for Nara Rohit to see him in a commercial hero avatar. He tried his best to get a fit look. His style, smile, and dialogue delivery will impress the audience. Regina Cassandra is too good as a glam girl and she adds the beauty with her beautiful curves and looks. She is nothing to perform more at here. Ramakrishna as a faction lady who makes plans to save her niece is powerful and her attire and performance suit the character. Ajay had a regular role as a faction man who is starving for revenge and his performance is decent. The show stealer is ‘Prudhvi (30 years industry) and he steals the show with his comedy. Prudhvi’s comedy is the biggest point at here and the scenes between Nara Rohit and Prudhvi are hilarious. Mani Sharma music is good and best in the background score. Vijay C Kumar’s photography is impressive with his way of capturing moments with lighting. Talking about the director Pavan Mallela, he just came up with a regular commercial film for his debut. The movie is not fresh with a story. But, the way he mixed with comedy is good and he did a good job in his way of narration.

Balakrishnudu Plus Points:-

1. Nara Rohit performance
2. Regina glamour
3. Prudhvi comedy
4. Mani Sharma background music

Balakrishnudu Minus Points:-

1. Routine Story
2. Screenplay
3. No depth to any character

Balakrishnudu Verdict:-

On the whole, Balakrishnudu is a routine commercial comedy entertainer which has nothing in the form of the story. But, debutant director Pavan Mallela has tried to narrate it in a different way with the comic touch and he succeeded some extent with comedy scenes. You can watch it to see Nara Rohit in commercial avatar and it reaches to the masses most. We recommend it to you in this weekend if you are always able to enjoy a mass commercial entertainer of comedy relief.

Cinekushi Balakrishnudu Rating: 3 / 5

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